Oscar Blandi

IRI created this video for Oscar Blandi as an introduction to his legacy before he joined over a thousand guests and the ICA on stage at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City for Intercoiffure Fall Atelier 2015. The video was filmed throughout a visit to the Oscar Blandi salon at 55th Street and Madison Avenue in the heart of New York City. The video preluded nicely into his presentation of timeless glamour from the 1980's to modern times, his role as a pioneer in the fashion industry and couture by showcasing his famous red carpet style, and matching the themes of Oscar as well as the needs of the sponsor, SureTint Technologies.

Click 'Next Post' to see how SureTint Technologies' product, MIA, is able to assist Oscar and stylists across the country in his mission to make timeless style accessible to everyone.

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