• Omron Investor Video (2017)
    Omron Investor Video (2017)

    How can we help you attract clients? Take a look at how Omron chose to represent themselves!

  • Soulful Prairies: Linda Bruce
    Soulful Prairies: Linda Bruce

    A video focused on the owner of Soulful Prairies for their website.

  • AAPM&R Chalk Talk (Series)
    AAPM&R Chalk Talk (Series)

    AAPM&R uses Chalk Talk to educate learners on advanced medical concepts in a fun and accessible format.

  • NAHQ Top 10 – 2017 Annual Report
    NAHQ Top 10 – 2017 Annual Report

    Presenting your Annual Report can be done in a fun and creative way!

  • AAHKS Annual Meeting 2018 Promo
    AAHKS Annual Meeting 2018 Promo

    Annual meeting promotion video highlighting what to expect this year in a clean, modern, and professional presentation.

  • The Golf Scene: DuPage 2018 Spot
    The Golf Scene: DuPage 2018 Spot

    A section of an episode of The Golf Scene featuring DuPage Golf with interviews, drone footage, and more.

  • Demo Reel – Corporate
    Demo Reel – Corporate

    This reel exemplifies the videos we have made for different corporations over the years.

  • Demo Reel 2017 – Associations
    Demo Reel 2017 – Associations

    This reel exemplifies the variety of videos we create for associations around the country.

  • Demo Reel 2018
    Demo Reel 2018

    A quick look at what IRI has to offer.


    In order to drive attendance at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine's Annual Assembly, IRI created this short video to explain why Chicago is an ideal location for that year's event.

  • Have Dreams
    Have Dreams

    For this particular video, Ian Ryan Interactive teamed up with a local charity for a great cause. Have Dreams is a Chicago area autism resource organization, serving over 23 communities. They have programs for children, teens and young adults impacted…

  • IAFP

    IRI provides a comprehensive learning management system for the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP). IAFP is able to offer their members continuing medical education on topics ranging from chronic pain management to immunizing adolescents.

  • Wordboard

    IRI created this app as a word board to assist learners with their vocabulary. The interactive app is complete with varying animations, a professional voice-over, and ongoing questions and scores.

  • AADE

    IRI designed a game as an online learning tool in order to help its users understand the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes. The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) wanted a learning management system that is engaging and entertaining for…

  • Inquiry Bridge
    Inquiry Bridge

    Inquiry Educational Alliances Development (IEA DEV) specializes in shifting cultures from curriculum and instruction to school climates and personal development in order to accommodate both horizontal and vertical adequacies in urban settings. IRI helps accompany the Inquiry mission and vision…

  • Orthopaedic Trauma Association
    Orthopaedic Trauma Association

    This website was fabricated by IRI so that the Orthopaedic Trauma Association would have accessible and easily navigable pages where experts can learn from several unique and dynamic functions.

  • Re/Max

    ReMax agent Joe Guzzetta collaborated with Ian Ryan Interactive to show off the beautiful Victorian home at 5 N. Benton in Palatine, Illinois. IRI shot footage for Joe, including this full walk through of 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and all…

  • Dialogues in Dermatology
    Dialogues in Dermatology

    IRI has been working with the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) since 1995 to provide a monthly audio program to members called "Dialogues in Dermatology". Each Dialogues issue is made up of 3 physician to physician discussions on a variety…

  • The Athlete’s Ankle
    The Athlete’s Ankle

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons asked IRI to create a series of online courses that could host cases, tutorials, and resources for learning surgeons. IRI developed an expansive program where professionals could immerse themselves in a educational lesson with…

  • Are We There Yet?
    Are We There Yet?

    IRI designed an interactive website for the American Osteopathic Association. The website is complete with a menu full of informational changes to the industry as well as an Osteopathic Family Road Trip that helps navigate change and drive quality. The…

  • RSNA

    IRI created a series of online learning programs for the Radiological Society of North America. This particular sample is divided into three sections addressing risk management; including staff safety in radiology, culture, and daily management systems in an organized manner…

  • American Osteopathic Association
    American Osteopathic Association

    IRI created a three part 'Are We There Yet?' video series for the American Osteopathic Association to educate its viewers of the upcoming changes affecting the osteopathic medical profession. In this video, IRI filmed a professional talent in the studio…

  • Copart Austin Law Enforcement
    Copart Austin Law Enforcement

    At the Copart Yard in Austin, Texas law enforcement officers and K-9 units are able to receive primary training with their partners on an assortment of different vehicles in a safe, secluded environment.

  • Copart Portland Fire Department
    Copart Portland Fire Department

    IRI worked with the Portland Fire Department and Copart to demonstrate how the Copart Yard is used as a facility for safety. In this video the Fire Department practices basic protocol for their training of approaching a vehicle that has…

  • The Golf Scene
    The Golf Scene

    As the producer of The Golf Scene, IRI provides all the services needed to air this program on NBC Sports in Chicago. IRI writes, designs, shoots, and edits each 30 minute episode. The show is hosted by the voice of…

  • Copart (Spanish)
    Copart (Spanish)

    With over 160 physical Copart locations worldwide, IRI also produced the Copart introduction video in Spanish in order to appeal to a wider demographic.

  • Copart

    IRI created an introduction video for new Copart members to help explain the basics of getting started with the car bidding process.

  • 2015 ASDS Annual Meeting
    2015 ASDS Annual Meeting

    The 2015 ASDS Annual Meeting needed IRI to make an informational video that can be resourceful for their attendees. This particular video was played on loop on monitors throughout the meeting so that everyone could gain a better understanding of…

  • Meeting Support
    Meeting Support

    IRI offers clients complete audio and visual meeting support. From creating pre-produced speaker presentation modules to rolling in a real-time live-switched camera feed on the meeting room floor, we have the equipment and experience to help your speakers wow their…

  • Apps

    Working with a strategic programming partner IRI recently launched a podcasting app for one of our major healthcare association clients. The app consists of the playback shell along with a handful of broad-based topical podcasts. It also links to the client’s…


    The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) wanted to increase the number and type of educational offerings available to members online. Ian Ryan Interactive worked with ACFAS to develop a series of audio podcasts, and two series of…


    This highly successful video was created as part of a public awareness campaign to encourage families of patients to actively seek palliative care for their loved ones.

  • Audio

    Integral to our podcast and video production are IRI’s audio recording and editing services. We have a sound-proof Whisper Room for recording voice-overs at our studio, along with multiple microphones, recorders and a 10 channel audio mixer for recording interviews and…

  • Kraft IDEA Online
    Kraft IDEA Online

    IRI worked with Kraft Foods to reduce a two day instructor-led marketing class into a one day seminar by migrating major portions of the curriculum to online delivery as pre-work. The remaining content was then restructured into a hands-on, applications-based…

  • Operation Bodgedab
    Operation Bodgedab

    IRI worked with The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) to create a safety game for teenage students and recent high school graduates to raise awareness of workplace hazards and encourage them to consider pursuing a career in safety management.…

  • MIA by SureTint Technologies
    MIA by SureTint Technologies

    This 90 second commercial was developed by IRI to promote MIA, a product by SureTint Technologies. In order to represent a game-changing software for salons and stylists IRI produced a fun and intuitive video filled with animations and live footage…

  • Oscar Blandi
    Oscar Blandi

    IRI created this video for Oscar Blandi as an introduction to his legacy before he joined over a thousand guests and the ICA on stage at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City for Intercoiffure Fall Atelier 2015. The video…

  • NAHQ

    IRI shot this video for the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) as a pre-recorded webinar with President Mary Huddleston and Executive Director Stephanie Mercado. The video was filmed in IRI's studio using a green screen to project an appropriate…

  • NAHQ 2014 Recap
    NAHQ 2014 Recap

    This annual report video was filmed by IRI to exemplify the successes of the National Association of Healthcare Quality in 2014. The video is hosted by 2014 President Leonard Parisi and Executive Director Stephanie Mercado. Accompanying them is an array…

  • ASDS

    This video was produced by IRI to congratulate Dr. Stephen Mandy as a recipient of the Samuel J. Stegman Award for Distinguished Service by highlighting his outstanding career and life accomplishments as well as his contributions to the field of…